The Deans

1947–1963 Dean George E. Marston

1963–1966 Acting Dean E. Ernest Lindsey

1966–1976 Dean Kenneth G. Picha

1976 (one semester) Acting Dean Joseph S. Marcus

1977–1981 Dean Russell C. Jones

1981–1982 Acting Dean Samuel F. Conti

1982 (one semester) Acting Dean Richard Giglio

1983–1991 Dean James E. A. John

1991–1993 Acting Dean Keith Carver

1993–2004 Dean Joseph I. Goldstein

2004–2009 Dean Michael Malone

2009–2012 Interim Dean Theodore Djaferis

2012–2013 (four months) Interim Dean Kris Hollot

2013–2018 Dean Tim Anderson

2019 (one semester) Interim Dean Kris Hollot

2019–present Sanjay Raman

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