Revolutionary Engineering.

Built on vision and grit.

Reflecting on 75 Years of Progress and Achievement

It began in September 1947 with a bold vision and grit. In five short years, a fully accredited engineering program emerged. From our roots in educating GIs returning home from World War II, to the academic and research powerhouse we’ve grown into today, we’ve always broken boundaries and dreamt big.  

This milestone year we reflect upon the history and accomplishments that have shaped us, and we celebrate the people who have come before us.

Engineering in Pictures

So much has changed over 75 years. View our photo gallery that showcases the people and events that made us who we are today.

William Heronemus

Our Stories

Unfolding our history through stories, letters, speeches, interviews, and other first-hand accounts.

Looking to the Future

Our sights remain set on delivering a world-class engineering education and engaging in impactful research to solve the most complex problems facing us as a society and a planet.

Read our Revolutionary Engineering: 2025 and Beyond strategic plan. 

Learn more about our Sustainable Engineering Laboratories building project.

Engineering @ 75
Anniversary Exhibit

Daily Sept. through Dec. 2022

Stroll through a collection of archival documents and photographs spanning the decades from 1947 to present day.   

Reception: Wednesday, October 26, 3:30 – 5:30 pm.

Exhibit & reception are open to the public.
Drop-in as you are able.  


NOTE: The history shared on the website is far from complete. What have we missed? To share your stories and photos please contact us.

Photographs are courtesy of Special Collections and University Archives of the W.E.B. Du Bois Library at UMass Amherst and the College of Engineering archives.  

Content written/provided by the Special Collections and University Archives, Cheryl Brooks, Charlie Creekmore, Heather Demers, Sarah Harvey, and Lauren Rubenstein.  

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